From “Desert Moods”

Summer of  2011, I submitted a descriptive essay on my long relationship with the Bruneau, Idaho sand dunes that was accepted into An Electic Collage; Volume 2:  Relationships of Life.   The book is a collection of creative works from the Women of the Pixie Chicks Writers’ Group published by Freundship Press, LLC.

I have logged many hours hiking the Bruneau, Idaho Sand dunes, seeking the spark, the meaning of life, demanding answers, yearning for solace.  In my mental thrashing about, the dunes never fail to serve up a unique moment.  This is one paragraph from the essay that descriptively came together rather nicely.

 ….And how the sands do sing and dance.   The wind is a constant life force on the dunes and commands the sand with a soft, feathery breath that shifts the fine granules in all directions.  Wind rushes along the contours of the valleys and slopes carrying the fine particles of sand slightly suspended above its curvaceous landscape.  The motion of the moving sand barely skimming the surface of the dunes creates a melody similar to the sound of the wind blowing delicately through the leaves of a tree.  But the singing of the sand creates a higher pitched, musical, whispery tone.  Wind blowing in from all directions at times catches the sand up into miniature whirl winds.  A flat surface of sand may suddenly be thrown into a twisting and turning eddy of particles skipping across the dunes. The whirls create a ghost-like sensation as they appear without warning and fade out just as quickly….


Peninsula Comfort

The dune grass flowed
by the ocean
None strolling
or skipping
or lollygagging
or pausing
With riveting stealth
Emerald waves rippling
People gazed, heads tilted
Enchanting, shimmering movement