A Little Self Talk

I wrote this in an email to my friend, Nancy, regarding my seekingthespark2 blog.  We worked together on the Habitat for Humanity Build in Guatemala the fall of 2010.

Dear Nancy – I think I am going to add a category to this entitled something like “Living between the sparks”  I get hung up on waiting until something really “sparkly” happens and do not see the proverbial forest through the trees, or is it trees through the forest?   I miss opportunities to write because I think it does not quite fit the Spark theme.  Let loose the reins Susan!  Or maybe I don’t need to add a category at all, just write.

Another wonderful friend, Connie, and I have also discussed this.  The tendency to wait for those ultra big moments that I decide fit into the strict parameters of  how a “spark” moment should look and feel.

The very creation of this blog serves as a good example. As I played with WordPress and spent hours agonizing over the perfect blog name and theme to use, I created several sites.  The original was “seekingthespark.”   In my mouse clicking frenzy to get this project set up, I accidentally deleted the wrong site.  Acckkkkk! I immediately emailed WordPress support to please make the  “seekingthespark” name available again.

I became disturbingly fretful. “Connie, I cannot write a blog if I don’t have the right name or theme!”  During one of those frenzied moments, Connie smiled, hugged me and simply kissed the top of my head.

Meanwhile, I created a second blog, you guessed it, “seekingthespark2.”    Now WordPress support has indicated they could make the first name available again, but I think I am going to forge ahead.  The “2” on the end of the name is a reminder to me that attention to detail, theme, and structure is admirable, yet turns into a bottomless pit of never quite set up correctly,or  good enough.  The result, my hands remained poised over the keyboard, frozen – hesitant to write.

Let loose the reins Susan!


3 thoughts on “A Little Self Talk

  1. My vote: get the original blog name back, even if you decide not to use it just yet. That will give you the flexibility to change your mind later.

    Hope you are enjoying your day off!

  2. Remember it’s all the moments in between that are truly unique. To push ourselves to see the beauty in everything that surrounds us takes much more patience, respect and awareness than merely responding to those flashy moments. Life happens during the in-between 🙂

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