Chance Encounters

I’ve been an Idaho gal after our family moved from Boulder, Colorado to Caldwell, Idaho the spring of 1976.  I finished my senior year at Caldwell and then moved to Boise, Idaho.  I attended Links School of Business and after 9 months took my young Mary Tyler Moore self out and landed a secretary job at Idaho First National Bank smack in downtown Boise.  I stayed a good three years until my young self-got restless,  decided it needed to leave the 8-5 world of banking cubicles, a retirement plan, health insurance and to go get a college degree.  That decision would lead me to working a variety of jobs, from restaurant work to entering the non-profit world with extensive community involvement.

Boise is a desired destination point and the population has grown significantly since 1977.  In spite of the growth, I am constantly amazed that when I attend local events, I often don’t see anyone I know.  Furthermore, when  flying from Seattle, Portland or from any airport that involves a direct flight into Boise, I really expect to see at least one familiar face.  I feel that my length of time living here combined with the jobs I have held, volunteer work, community involvement, raising kids, taking 14 years to finish an undergraduate degree and the multitude of friends I  made from that journey, should surely have me crisscrossing paths with at least one familiar face en route back to Idaho land.

Traveling back from Ithaca, New York this fall, going home to Boise, I had a stop in Newark for the first time in my travel life.  I scanned the passengers with my usual, naive optimism that maybe I would see a familiar face returning to Boise.  I decided to take a walk around the airport and suddenly found my attention diverted to a lovely couple walking towards me.  There, I ran into Bruce and Loretta.  I made their charming acquaintance during a  two-week Habitat for Humanity Global Village build in Romania the summer of 2007.

They were making their way back to California.  What a perfectly crazy, random, wonderful encounter.  They are delightful people and I enjoyed working on the build with them.  I have thought about them many times over the years.  However, as often happens after these Global Village builds, even though we all have good intentions of staying in touch, we do not and simply go our separate ways.

True, they were not the familiar faces specifically from Idaho that I always look for in the airport. However, getting to know them is a direct result from my life in Boise, and my involvement in Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity.  That work inspired me to participate in the Global Village program which eventually led me to  Radauti, Romania to work alongside Bruce and Loretta.

I love what Bruce said, “Strange the way paths cross. In fact, only when they cross do you realize you’ve been on a path.”


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