Election 2012

A brief post, partly to stay in the November Nablopomo challange, and because I am exhausted.  The week leading to election day has been nerve-wracking.   Today, folks were goofy at work and I believe we all found it difficult to stay focused.  I feel a deep relief over the results and will easily sink into sleep tonight.   I enjoyed watching Facebook light up with commentary, pictures, jokes, debates during the process.  My daughters, Jennifer and Molly, texted each other our celebratory remarks when Obama was declared the winner.

I remember four years ago when Obama traveled to Boise State University  to speak at the Taco Bell Arena (Pavilion).   I considered the event may be heavily attended, but I still figured I would slowly wander down to the campus with no worries of getting a seat.  I was dozing in bed still when my older daughter, Jennifer, called me and said, “Hey mom, I think you should get down here now, the line goes all the way from the Arena to the west parking lot (an impressive distance).”

I quickly roused myself and scurried down the hill. She was right, the line was exhilarating long.  We often joke here in Idaho that you can fit all the Democrats in one room.  Which made the crowd of people all the more inspiring and exciting.  Jennifer was already seated in the Arena, and the only reason I had a seat was because a good friend had saved one for me (the beauty of our cell phone society).  The speech Obama presented was dynamic, full of hope and energy that electrified everyone attending.  Surprisingly I could see my daughter from my seat and loved watching the brightness of her  face as she listened to his speech.  I remember at one point we looked directly at each other and shared one of those precious mother-daughter moments, vibrant smiles on both our faces.


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