Spiritual Face

Children add many sparkly moments that never fail to produce great laughs as we see ourselves through their eyes.  Over the course of our lives together, my two wonderful daughters have contributed greatly to the gift of being able to laugh at myself, and not take myself so seriously.

Staged or Genuine?

Life from my youngest years has been a quest to experience, understand, and connect with the gift of creation.  To understand and or participate in religious endeavors, spirituality, mediation practices, seek the meaning of life, what is my destiny angst, live a meaningful life, put more in then I take out, live from the heart, stay humble, play it forward, being enough – Seeking the Spark  – I am sure dear readers that you get the idea.

Ocean Spa Spiritual Poise

My lovely daughters have patiently endured many of my quests, at times mocking me and laughingly declared, “Oh, look out, mom has spiritual face on.”  The face that I would either naturally assume or I am somewhat embarrassed to admit would force up on myself, and everyone around me, when trying to evoke a certain mood.  Or simply get attention to myself.    One of my greatest spiritual look achievements occurred in my early twenties living in Boise, Idaho during the annual holiday parade.  Weaving in and out of the crowd, trying to look wise and peaceful, finally a guy looked at me and proclaimed, “Hey, who is that girl who has that faraway look in her eyes.”  That has really never happened again though.  Rather a random fluke and once in a lifetime spiritual face recognition experience in a public setting.

Miss Jen’s Spiritual Poise, Ocean 2010

Miss Molly & Mom
Ocean 2011 Faraway Spiritual Face

Meanwhile, within our family, this has now become a goofy, cherished sharing of sparkly moments with Jennifer and Molly. We snap photos of our spiritual faces on road trips or family gatherings. Sometimes the girls manage to sneak up on me and take pictures without me knowing.  Other times we stage them. But either way, the end result produces buckets of laughter and great memories.

Blue Shoe Spiritual Pose


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