More Zinger Mania

Monday evenings, after work, I go up the hill to Marlene and Jerry’s house, usually eat some dinner, and then we all go to the Idaho Bluegrass Association beginner’s jam session.   Marlene and I with our banjos, and Jerry with his guitar.  In my early twenties I attempted to learn, but failed to practice and eventually sold my banjo.  Marlene too tried to become a banjo player and we both had the same instructor 30 years ago here in Boise, Idaho.  Failure to practice also halted her banjo career.  However, Marlene was smarter than I and held on to her banjo.  A year ago, Marlene started playing again and I owe my re-entry into a second try at banjo playing to Marlene’s encouragement.  She even loaned me one to use until I decided if this was going to be the real deal for me, and I would keep practicing.  One month ago, I purchased my own banjo!  Now my Monday night dinners with Marlene and Jerry followed by our  Bluegrass Jam sessions are the highlight of my week.

Last Monday, while waiting for Marlene to arrive home, Jerry played a song that he was working on which sounded pretty darn good.  Soon, the barking hound dogs announced the arrival of Marlene, and as she came through the door she exclaimed, “Did Jerry give you that special treat we found for you.”   Intrigued, but a bit embarrassed because they have given me so much already, I could not imagine what gift they had for me.    Marlene’s grin signified the surprise was something pretty darn cool.     She goes to the table, picks up a bowl and starts loading it with – Hostess Zingers!!

Crazed Zinger Looks
Note the Laser Eye Dog in the background

After reading an earlier blog post on my quest for Hostess Ding Dongs, Marlene and Jerry  had gone on the hunt in  Cascade, Idaho where they have a cozy cabin.  From one end of the small town to the other, they hit all the little convenience stores and the one grocery store in their quest to find a box of Hostess Ding Dongs.  No Ding Dongs, but they scooped up the last shelve of Zingers at one store; about eighth packages.   Some guy watching them inquired, “You gonna sell those on eBay?” Listening to Jerry and Marlene tell the story of  the fun they had looking for Hostess products brought new fits of laughter to our Monday evening gathering.

Marlene and Jerry are wonderful friends and I am thankful for their friendship.  Their hunt for hostess products in Cascade, Idaho is now another cherished, hysterical shared memory we can chuckle about over the years.


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