Yoga, Tator Tots and Kona Coffee

Yoga Peaceful Poise with the Ballet Tree

Yoga Peaceful Poise

Rainy Saturday morning arrived with my commitment to attend an 11 am warm flow yoga class.  So far, I have managed to get to several classes in the past week and feel the yoga practice in every muscle – which must be a good indication that I am slowly cranking this old body into action again.

However, one possible distraction existed that nearly derailed my plans to attend class.  I had thrown my hat in the ring with a group to acquire a pound of Kona Coffee, reported to create a mighty fine brew.  The coveted dark beans had arrived and ready for pick up at a snowboard/skateboard shop in Boise.

The big decision looming over Saturday morning’s activities – drive into Boise, collect the beans and then make it to Yoga class, or skip Yoga, go get them thar beans and zoom directly home to brew up a cup of that famous java.

The longer I remained indecisive, my options narrowed.  Finally I decided to drag my body to Saturday morning yoga and then fetch the coffee.  After all, for breakfast I had mixed a super healthy smoothie complete with Kale, berries, flax-seed, and protein packed Greek yogurt. The day promised to be full of fit action and healthy meals in my quest to keep this aging body in the best possible condition.

A fantastic class left me feeling stretched, core muscles engaged, standing straighter and eager to stick to my stay healthy eating food plan.  You know the one that minimizes items such as donuts, cookies, french fries, chips and I suspect tator tots.  Ready for my coffee I headed to town to collect the Kona Coffee at the arranged drop off point,  and then get on home to test out the flavor of the dark roast beans.SAM_1787

The coffee hookup easy  to accomplish.  I easily identified my supplier in the snowboard shop that was busy with healthy, fit, smiling young people.   Walking back to my car I noticed that a former coffee shop in the same little strip mall area was now a hamburger eatery.   I decided to go in, maybe get a bottle of water and check out the menu for another time.   I am fairly certain all four of my loyal blog followers can easily guess the outcome.

The owners are charming, fun people and asked me if I had enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday.  During the visit I quickly progressed from ordering a hamburger and tator tots for take out in order to get my busy fit self on the road, to sitting down at a table, enjoying a tasty hamburger and tator tots,  as well as terrific conversation with the owners.

Perhaps my limited time attending yoga is already paying off as I calm down, destress and take time to linger.  Stop and smell (and then eat) the hamburger, tots while enjoying  the company of interesting folks.  Maybe that is stretching the yoga tator tot connection  a bit here for this little slice of life moment.  Still a lovely, sparkly Saturday morning in Idaho land.


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