Franklin Tree Obsession – continued…

Driving east to work on Franklin road,  my attention abruptly focused to the large flattened land on my right.  I drive Franklin nearly every day to work, if I am not riding the bus, and as familiar as I am with that search of turf, I suddenly felt a vague panic.   I am obsessively enchanted by a tree located on that route.  I blogged about in another entry – Franklin Tree Obsession.   Recently an expansion took place on Franklin road and I was not sure what the fate of the Franklin tree would be as several others in the vicinity fell to the wood chopper.

Perhaps I drive Franklin road too often and experienced that brief lapse of full attention that occurs when our minds wander.  Did I miss my cherished view of the long, slender branches dancing towards the sky providing a home for the watcher perched amongst the branches?   Perhaps I whizzed past it while fumbling with my radio channels.  I felt completely discombobulated by the possibility that the tree had been cut down, and the land plowed.

I kept driving to work telling myself to make a mental note to be sure and not let my drift while driving home so I could make sure the tall, lanky tree remained intact. However, roughly two additional minutes down the road and I realized the level of my fixation on the Franklin tree demanded I turn around immediately and put my growing apprehension to rest.

Deep Sigh of Relief

Deep Sigh of Relief

Surprisingly a large gap occurred in the 7:30 a.m. work traffic commute. Enough to allow me to easily cross lanes, pull into a business parking lot and turn around to head west in order to see my beloved tree.   I did not have to travel far to pass the flattened field in order to confirm the tree still stood.  It was simply my mind that had wandered causing me to miss my daily view.  I felt a deep sense of relief and contentment.

The watcher perched high on a limb sat silently observing the rushing flow of traffic, or maybe the sun breaking the horizon, or perhaps breakfast scurrying in the field below. My la la land, circle of life imagination would prefer to believe the elegant bird quizzically tilted its head, amused by the antics of the woman in the little green Subaru   who scampered back to make certain the tree still reached gracefully towards the sky.


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