Honeybees and Lavendar

SAM_2155Finally home and able to settle into my patio lounge chair in a deliciously shaded  back yard.  What a relief and I feel the tension of the day exit into the spacious outdoors.

On Thursday I leave to spend two weeks in Cork, Ireland.  A wonderful opportunity and gift graciously given by a dear friend.  I love the days before traveling, so full of excitement, anticipation, hope for a new perspective on life and future goals.

With thoughts of Ireland lacing through my thoughts,  my tired eyes still started their slide down into a sweet early evening doze.  I have become a dozer person in my old age.  I can sit in a chair, conk out for five to ten minutes, and then be ready to go.  Like a computer, that simply needs a reboot.

Wait, what is that flicker?  I caught movement before I fully closed my eyes. SAM_2157Activity that I hoped to see, particularly with all the reports concerning the dire peril of the honeybees.   The flutter is among the lavender bushes planted on the edge of the patio.  Three honeybees busy working between the two bushes, and then flit over to the other variety of potted flowers.

Suddenly the dance of the bees among the stems becomes a unique, sparkly moment. I realize I have taken for granted that swarms would always exist. Lately the news on their demise is disturbing, worrisome and yet another ecological indicator that the balance of nature is askew.  I feel a deeper reverence for the work they accomplish with their graceful patterns lacing among the lavender stems.


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