Misty Franklin Tree and the Journey to Ireland Begins

SAM_2161Since my last photo shoot of the Franklin tree last fall, the limbs froze into the winter and slowly grew to life as spring emerged. During that time the watcher returned and feathered a nest. I am fairly certain they are hawks even though I have not taken binoculars or gotten a close up picture to identify.

If I am not taking the bus, I drive by the tree at least once a day and during that time witnessed at least 3 new birds emerge from the nest. I may sound a bit doubtful because for the time being, due to my drive by observations, I have not collected close up evidence. However, for the last few weeks, daily two watchers perch high in the limbs and three sit on the rim of the nest.

Finally, the rainy morning of Wednesday, June 19, the day before I start my journey to Ireland, I lurched out of bed early enough, determined to get a picture. Lush, moist weather greeted me and I began the trek to work keen to capture the activity of the Franklin tree in a photo.

What? Only one bird was observable high in the tree. No bird expert, I surmised the others remained warm in their nest. Admittedly I was rather disappointed the family was not prepared for me to take their photos and almost kept driving. If you cannot all be gathered, then no picture. However, I got over that rather quickly, pulled over, walked into that velvety misty air, and captured a few pictures. A perfect morning unfolded as the watcher and I silently greeted each other.

In one hour I leave the airport to begin the trek to Cork, Ireland. I traveled to Belfast, Ireland in 1997 on a Global Village build with Habitat for Humanity and had an extraordinary experience. My other trips out of the country have also been with Habitat for Humanity. This incredible gift of a trip to Cork, Ireland is my first more leisure trip. No digging, hauling dirt or mixing cement. I could barely sleep last night due to anticipation and excitement. SAM_2160SAM_2159Time to get ready now and begin the return to Ireland.


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