Habitat for Humanity Build in Kauai, Hawaii

Habitat for Humanity Global Village build Guatemala, 2012

Habitat for Humanity Global Village build Guatemala,

I enjoy travel and particularly the final preparatory moments.  On the edge of another adventure  with a Habitat for Humanity two-week build in Kauai, Hawaii.  New territory for me as I have not visited Hawaii, though many of my friends travel quite frequently to the sunny state.

While I pay tedious attention to pack proper clothing for the work site, I often lose track of the details of the build location. The benefit of a team build is I am not the leader. Other wonderful folks made the arrangements for housing, food and scheduled fun time.  The absent-minded behavior will ultimately produced charming moments filled with surprise as I see new territory for the first time.  I pay my money, show up, work and have a fabulous time.

Habitat builds contain layers of encounters as team members are from all over the United States and other countries.  Not only do you meet new people on the team, but further interact with the local community beyond a tourist level helping build homes

I know one member on the team, Nancy, from a previous Global Village Build in Guatemala.   We remained friends and in fact Nancy recruited me to the Kauai build.  In the Guatemala picture, Nancy is located on the far right.

Over the years I learned to travel light and found that I wear less than half the clothing I transport, but that is not the case this trip.  My suitcase contains too many clothes, especially for a sunny environment.

Last weekend I purchased a few cute summer dresses at winter prices – $2.00 each.  Then I scored on a super-duper high-end swim suit designed to hold my fifty something body in place at another terrifically low price.  For those that know me, I am not a shopper and venturing out with me risks a stressful, miserable experience.   To land the few clothing items needed, in addition to  the work clothes, signified another sparkly Habitat trip begins.   So why do I still have a plethora of shirts and pants?  No answers here, simply abandoning myself to the over-packed suitcase phenomena.

And joining me is a travel Deering GoodTime Banjo, packed with bubble wrap in a cushy bag.  Highly recommended by my banjo buddies as a lighter  instrument to take on trips that still maintains a terrific sound.  A conversation with a United Flight staff soothed lingering worries I had about the banjo possibly ending up underneath the plane, assured me it will fit in the overhead and they will assist to find it a safe spot.

Interesting to traveling on October 31, Halloween, – I just spotted superman walking through the terminal.

Guatemala Habitat for Humanity Build, Fall 2010

Guatemala Habitat for Humanity Build


Milo and the Moon

SAM_2694Milo’s’ small brown speckled puppy face oozed endearing cuteness from the puppy carry case.  My daughter, Jen arrived at my house Saturday evening.   Off work late, she decided to stay the night at my house and brought Mr. Milo along for a visit.

He is a Brittany Spaniel, about 2 months old and full of zestful energy.  Unlike the languorous nature of  rubenesque Miss Cleo cat, Milo galloped throughout the house and retrieved shoes stashed under beds and furniture.

In spite of his adorable face that pleaded for sweet, mushy attention, a few random, cranky thoughts crossed through my brain.   An empty nester for several years now, I navigate my days unfettered by care-taking tasks , and puppy Milo required supervised attention.

Inside voice groaned and complained, “Oh great, he is going to interrupt my sleep as we need to take him out a least once to go to the bathroom.”

We tried to watch a show, but Mr.  Milo demanded our full attention.  Finally we abandon our movie plan, and Jen took Milo out back to run him back and forth in the yard to help dial down his exuberant energy so we could sleep.  Sure enough, a few hours into a lovely slumber, I heard the signals that Milo needed to go outside.

Jen roused herself and together we stumbled out the back door with Milo in tow.   Crisp air danced lightly on our faces, and the full moon illuminated the grass delicately painted with frost. While we waited for Milo to sniff out that perfect spot, we both looked up to a sky covered with a patterned formation of broken white clouds.   The creation of the clouds appeared to form a large circle that covered two-thirds of the sky.

As the clouds moved, the harvest moon managed to occupy a place in the center, and the effect was that of a cosmic spotlight beaming to the earth.  The graceful early morning silence enfolded us. We both stood longer than I thought we would and watched the clouds lazily sweep across the sky.   The moon continued to find open slots to peek at us with a soft, fall weather illumination.

Already fond memories are forged around the new puppy, and because Milo needed to go outside, we experienced a sparkly, celestial performance that we otherwise would have slept through.SAM_2695