Of Snorkeling, Coffee, Ukuleles and Roosters

photo (5)

Nancy giving me snorkel lessons.

The flight from Boise, Idaho to Kauai, Hawaii was smooth and uneventful.  Originally scheduled to depart Boise at 6 am and fly to San Francisco, the flight time moved to 10:30 am and with destination LAX airport.  My seat assignment changed from a window to a middle seat that I felt confident I could exchange for at least an aisle seat.

Not the case as the couple assigned to my row married for over 30 years did not want to sit together.  He wanted the window; she the aisle and I remained in the middle.  But hey, no worries as with destination Hawaii, I am a happy traveler.  A festive mood drifted throughout the cabin with periodic bursts of laughter.

photo (3)

Pat and Susan and birthday gal Nancy in the pink!

Upon arrival,  I hit the ground in flurry of activity meeting early with my friends, Nancy and Pat staying in a charming ocean front hotel.  Work on the Habitat homes does not begin until Tuesday  and that means four days of exploring the island.

October 31 we celebrated Nancy’s birthday eating incredible calamari and other types of fish.  We welcomed November 1 by snorkeling on a sunny beach followed by a visit to the Kauai Coffee Plantation.  Revved up on multiple samples of incredible coffee we ventured into Koala, visited a ukulele shop where Nancy, a professed ukulele addicted, ecstatically spun out of control.

Ukulele and Banjo Jamming

Ukulele and Banjo Jamming

Late afternoon we settled into our home base for the next two weeks. Our  team of 14 is staying in a house in a neighborhood full of Habitat for Humanity homes.  About four miles down the road is the Salt Pond Beach Park. A great location for swimming and to practice my new-found snorkeling skills.

Later we enjoyed the gathering of the Habitat clan composed of adventurous folks full of humor, grace, big hearts, and an endless supply of stories

Now about the chickens and roosters the run wild and free on the island after a hurricane.  Here is a link with more information:


The results are roosters that take great pride in practicing their crowing skills at any hour they please; charming in an irritating way.  Everyone is timing the roosters – the earliest reporting so far began at 2:30 am.

We have started to name them according their unique precious rooster voices.  Pavarotti sounded off in the early dawn hours and has deeper voice.  You can almost see him posturing to produce an intense, deep sound challenging all other roosters in the community to respond.   And they do, and one has a rather whiny voice we named Tiny Tim.

photo (6)

Snoozing on the beach.

Today is another full day of exploring, and snorkeling.  In fact, I am planning to buy my own snorkel equipment.

A famous "Selfie" Potrait by Nancy.

A famous “Selfie” portrait by Nancy.


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