Reflections, last Saturday in Kauai

SAM_2773Saturday, November 16, after a luxurious swim/snorkel beach time,  our team split into two groups with a larger faction taking the Napali coastline cruise.

The remaining four, Nancy, Pat, Susan and myself toured the Kauai coffee plantation, and shopped a bit.SAM_2779

Later, we checked out Poipu beach where a  large sea turtle had crawled ashore to rest.   Earlier in the week, we had the opportunity to swim with a turtle which was a thrilling experience.

We treated ourselves to a happy hour hors d’oeuvres, fluffy, sugary mango drinks and then chased a gorgeous sunset.SAM_2785

By  9:26 pm our time three of our team has already departed.  Rick, Kate, Nancy, Paul lounged at the kitchen table, and Susan and Pat  kitchen visiting.  Maria and Barb on the couch discussed  books.  I rallied and stayed up late Saturday evening to play a competitive  game of dominoes with Maria, Nancy, and Pat.

The end of a Habitat build always sneaks up.  Months and weeks before the build the anticipation grows daily as preparation for the gathering begins.  At the beginning, the days seem to stretch out in front of us.  We wonder what the workload will be and hope that we can provide a useful, skilled dent in the build process.

Then suddenly our build time is over and members of our team begin to peel out.  While our electronic age allows connection with family and friends back home, I still experienced moments where I nearly forgot I had another life in Idaho.20131112_132641 (1)

Kauai:  I am going to miss looking out the back window, seeing the mountains and on some days the rain clouds draping down the hills.  And from the front yard the view of the ocean.  I struggled at times with the tropical heat and sun, though I had some reprieve with clouds, cool evenings, and even a rainy day.   However, in 2 weeks, I grew accustomed to the lush green of the land, open space, fresh air and being close to the ocean.  I enjoyed snorkeling and swimming in the ocean.  I brought my banjo with me and played publicly which is living a long time dream.

The on site constructions managers supplied patient, supportive instructions as they assigned work tasks to our team. I appreciated learning to use a variety of SAM_2786power tools, exercise math and measurement skills as we finished the trim on one house.

 As in my prior builds,  I leave our two-week Kauai, Hawaii Global Village experience feeling that I belong to a big family.  I plan to continue with Habitat for Humanity and advocate for decent, affordable housing.  SAM_2702


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