This Blog is dedicated to sparkly occurrences in our lives when a moment becomes extra bright, riveting, extraordinary, and breathtaking.

Much is written about living in daily gratitude and seizing the moment to live with gusto, not wasting precious moments or wishing our time away. Over and over we are reminded “your life is not a dress rehearsal.”

However, we all get muddled in our routines, distracted by worry, overwhelmed by the fast moving pace of life, stricken by grief, or uprooted by unexpected change.  The chatter of life that occupies our minds dulls our spirits.  Grief and cynicism often thwarts our desire to even want to experience a spark let alone believe those moments will really ever exist again.

A spark moment can take place at any given time; perhaps during an event, a concert, around the dinner table or among strangers on the street.  It is a moment when people light up, a tremendous sense of contentment, joy, and sense of connection with community transpires.


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