Mega Dream -$$$$$

Yes I did! I made a run at trying to win the mega millions.   Zero $$$ winnings for me, but the best part was sitting around with friends daydreaming.  No doubt we each have our own expensive toy, pet project, dream house on the beach, and travel plans.  We want to take care of ourselves, seek wise advisement on investment plans and massive money management.

After that, lots of fantasizing how we would help other people out.  We would pay off the mortgages of our homes and others, including ex-spouses and significant others.  We would help out young people drowning with student debt, and others that are struggling with insane medical bills.  Sweet smiles and warmth radiated from the faces of my friends as we plotted the best way to share the wealth without enabling or harming others.  After all, many stories exist on how the huge winnings have created misery instead of joy.

Later I reflected that the people I hang with already give tremendous amounts of time, money and their hearts to family, friends, work, and community.  Sure, winning a large chunk o’ change would be terrific, but it does not stop us from giving, dreaming, hoping, always looking for opportunities to make a difference.