Memories of Valentine’s Day 2013 – The Grand Production


Ice Storm Photo by Molly Emerson

I have had this story in my WordPress Que left over from last year, Valentine’s Day 2013.  I thought it would be fun to share as I look forward to 2014 production day.

February 14, the infamous Valentine’s Day that evokes gushy expressions of love or cynical statements that the holiday is “all about the greeting card industry.”

It is an odd day, that resembles a play production.  If you are a cast member then you wholeheartedly embrace learning the dialogue, rehearse gift options with close friends, eagerly wait for the completion of the stage with the scenery and props in place.  The big day arrives, the curtain lifts, the production begins, all involved hope that lines are perfectly delivered, everyone stays in character, the lights and sound will function correctly, and the audience will enjoy the show.

Act one began quietly with frosted cookies and a nice note from our boss.  With greed and gusto we stuffed the pink sugary delights into our mouths.

Act two, one of my co-workers received flowers and tears flowed from her lovely eyes.

In the third act, several of the guys gathered in the cube to compare notes on what they had planned for their wives hoping they had made the right choice in gifts.  I eavesdropped to make sure the gifts were Valentine Day appropriate and sufficiently romantic.

Intermission was uneventful – no singing telegrams, chocolate or any other heartfelt delights.

Act four, the grand finale,  centered on me in a surly mood as I walked across campus.  I spied a gathering of students handing out something – not sure what.  Usually I take interest and love seeing the activism of young people.  Not today, I made plans to sidestep the gathering.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young student head my way.  I reluctantly lifted my head, smiled as she approached me.  She grinned big and dropped a chocolate kiss in my hand, and gave me a slip of paper with an inspirational quote:

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” – Ingrid Bergman

How simple and lovely.  On a chilly Valentine’s day a group of about 10 students took time out of their day to hand out chocolate kisses for  a bit of cheer.  As I walked away feeling the love from the young students – the curtains closed to a standing ovation.valentine cookies

Production day is again rapidly approaching and I have my tickets purchased for the grand event, do you?